Assembly Terms and Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions you will be asked to sign and agree to on the day of your assembly service.  If you have any questions regarding any of the assembly agreement, please feel free to contact us or ask your assembler when they arrive.

1.  The customer acknowledges that The Assembly Guys is providing a service to you as a customer independent of the retailer from whom you may have purchased the item(s) to be assembled.  Customer understands that elements beyond our control may delay anticipated completion of project (i.e. – Shipping delays, defective equipment, weather, Acts of God, etc.) Customer understands that work performed may require alterations to existing infrastructure. These alterations include, but are not limited to drilling, cutting, and mounting to existing structures and infrastructure.


2.  These Terms of Business together with any quotation and/or this assembly agreement will constitute the entire agreement between us relating to the services (the “agreement”).  The customer acknowledges that all representations, statements, understandings, and undertakings either written or oral made before the date of this agreement will be superseded and replaced by the terms of this agreement.


3.  The Assembly Guys obligations are owed only to you as the customer (and not to any third party connected with you) and only by The Assembly Guys and not by our officers, employees, or contractors.     


4.  Neither party shall, without the prior written approval of the other and except on such reasonable terms as are determined in writing by the other, assign the contract or any payment or any other right, benefit or interest there under.


5.  All units, items and accessories will be assembled to the specification of the manufacturer’s instructions.  No variations from the instructions may be made by The Assembly Guys at any time during the assembly.                                       


6.  All items will be visually inspected by The Assembly Guys for missing parts or signs of damage that occurred prior to the start of assembly service.                                                                                                                                   


7.  Customer agrees to pay the standard assembly service rates of $70.00 per hour of work ($90 per hour of work for assembly of swing/play sets, gazebos and pergolas) which includes up to two assemblers assigned to the job (up to 3 for swing/play sets, gazebos and pergolas) .  Additional assemblers will be paid the rate of $30.00 per hour, with a one-hour minimum charge on all jobs.  Hourly charges begin when work begins and end when the entire project and all items listed are completely assembled and or installed.  Estimated assembly completion times are only an estimate and actual work time may be longer or shorter than listed on your assembly agreement.                


8.  The Assembly Guys will leave the work area in the same state as when we arrived. Product packaging removal from the property is the responsibility of the customer.                                                                                                


9.  A security deposit equal to 50% of the quoted hourly rate is collected at the time appointment is made.  This is a non-refundable deposit and will be collected for any cancellations by the customer or if no one is present at the assembly address upon our arrival on the scheduled appointment day.  If crew arrives and customer or authorized customer representative is not present, we will attempt telephone contact with customer and wait for no more than 15 minutes for someone to arrive.  If no one has arrived after that time, notice of our arrival will be left at the door and customer must reschedule the appointment for a later date/time and a new security deposit will be required.


10.  If anyone began assembly of any item or product, either correctly or incorrectly prior to our arrival, this is considered a “partial assembly” and additional service hours may be accumulated for disassembly and/or inspection of the items by us.  In the event the product assembly cannot be completed for any reason, including but not limited to the incorrect use of hardware, or damaged parts/pieces prior to our arrival, a $70 service charge will be due. 


11.  Any additional work requested by the customer beyond standard assembly will be charged as a flat fee agreed upon by both parties or at the same hourly assembly rate listed in the agreement.


12.  Do not assist with unpacking boxes as we inspect individual items for damage or missing parts during this process.  All products to be assembled must remain in their original packaging and located in the room(s) where the product is to be assembled and/or installed.  In the event the boxes are located in a different location other than the final location for assembly, a moving fee of $1.00 per foot per item(s) to be moved, plus an additional fee of $10.00 for each flight of stairs the item(s) must be moved up or down will be due.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

13.  All of our assembly work is performed on the customer’s floor. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure a clean and appropriate physical workspace is readily available for our assemblers.  Tall bookcases and wardrobes are typically assembled laying face-down and require extra floor space. If in any doubt, please discuss your situation with us prior to our arrival.


14.  Our assembly rates do not include labor costs of moving new or existing furniture/items, whether it be to create a clear floor workspace, relocate to another room. Such requests should be pre-discussed and pre-arranged with The Assembly Guys who assumes no liability whatsoever for rectifying any property damage which may result from performing such assistance.  Labor expenses for moving any furniture shall be billed as part of the assembly time at the same hourly rate.                                                                        


15.  You agree and release The Assembly Guys of any liability whatsoever for any personal injury or property damage which may result from performing your assembly project.


16.  In event we arrive at your premises to commence works and identify handling or transport damage or missing parts which prevents us from completing the assembly , we will notify you of the damaged or missing item(s). It is the responsibility of the customer to contact the necessary sources to correct the situation and get the replacement part(s).  Customer must call to reschedule the assembly after replacement pieces are in your possession.   The Customer should direct any financial matters regarding damaged or missing parts to the retailer where the goods were originally purchased.          


17.  Some furniture items have a CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) personal safety requirement that the item be firmly secured to a wall. The Assembly Guys hereby indemnifies itself from any legal prosecution whatsoever in the event the customer makes such a request to not secure any items that require wall attachment of the furniture as per manufacturer’s instruction.

By initialing this paragraph, I release The Assembly Guys from any liability that may occur from not following the manufacturers installation instructions for securing items to walls. 


18.  Due to safety reasons we MUST always wear protective shoes within your premises. On wet rainy days, it is advisable to have an old bath towel/mat made available at your entrance for our staff to wipe their shoes upon before entering your premises. If you are concerned about keeping your carpet clean, please lay down protective sheets or thick rugs before our arrival.  By request, your assembly crew can and will wear protective shoe covers.


19.  TOTAL DUE listed above will be collected at time of completing the assembly service. Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, credit or debit card only.  You may make your payment online at or in person with the assemblers.  In the event of additional charges or any discounts, these will be applied to the TOTAL DUE at the completion of assembly.


20.  You shall no later than 24-hours of completion of the works inspect and immediately give notice to us of any defects in The Assembly Guys scope of assembly and installation works. Failure by you to inspect such works performed by The Assembly Guys in that time shall be deemed acceptance by you.  Any issues, malfunctions or damage relating to the product and not the assembly should be directed to the manufacturer or retailer where the product was purchased. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for the replacement of missing, damaged, or faulty goods. Our assemblers may be able to assist by describing any fault that they have identified.


21. The Assembly Guys accepts no liability and customer agrees to release The Assembly Guys, LLC from any and all liability for injury or damage caused due to poor manufacturing of the assembled product(s), or by any modifications or improper use of the product by the customer.


22.  Customer agrees to permit The Assembly Guys, LLC to photograph assembly and/or installation both in-progress and post completion for the purposes of quality assurance, evidence, and marketing purposes.                               

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